When Friends Make
Great Coffee

About Us

To put it simply we are a group of friends who love coffee and love people. This inspired us to start up Selah Coffee. A converted horse box that we use to supply high quality, speciality coffee and tasty treats. As well as creating a space for people to meet, chat and laugh. We love meeting new people so don’t be afraid to say hi and have a chat.

Stop, Pause, Reflect

Selah. This is a Hebrew word that means to stop, pause and reflect. We want this to be a reminder for you to take a moment from your busy lives to stop, pause and reflect on all things good.

For us at Selah we always found that we were able to do this best with a good cup of coffee. So, we love the fact that we can help provide our lovely customers with a moment of bliss and peace in a busy or stressful day.


We all live in Lurgan, and we all love Lurgan, so that meant that we wanted to put Lurgan on the map in the coffee world. This town has many great features and one of them is Lurgan park, so we love the idea that people will travel to Lurgan, pick up a great coffee and go for a walk around our beautiful park.


We are open Thursday – Saturday from 08:30 to 16:30 in Castle Lane Lurgan, serving speciality coffee, teas, hot chocolates and a range of homemade bakes. 

We are also available to hire for weddings and events.

Our Menu

We provide the full range of espresso coffee as well as batch brews. We also provide a variety of teas and hot chocolate.
Keep an eye on social media for our seasonal drinks such as Iced coffees and teas.

Our Suppliers

We are proud to say that our coffee is supplied by White Star. An amazing company who not only ensure the highest quality coffee beans but also source their coffee ethically, supporting many farmers across the world. It is an honour to work with White Star and join in with all they are doing.

 We have also partnered with Suki tea who once again provide ethically sourced blended and loose leaf teas, herbal infusions and fruit blends from all over the world.

Decent Packaging

We use Decent packaging to supply our cups. We believe it’s important to be mindful of the products we use. We love using decent packaging for their concept:

“The essential concept at the heart of decent is to ensure we can unmake everything we make.”

Thinking about using us for an event?

Contact us with any inquire’s that you may have and we will do our best to help you.