About Us

Meet the team

Lee Allen

Lee loves the banter! He's always up for a laugh (after his morning brew) and loves serving great coffee. He is in his element when with people and has dreamt of opening a coffee shop for years.

Suzanne Allen

Suze isn't from Lurgan... however, she has seen the light and has moved here from Ballymena. So if you notice a strange accent thats why. Suze loves to chat and makes friends very easily. So make sure to say hi. Shes in her prime sipping a flat white.

Ryan Osborne

Ryan has a passion for a good cup of coffee (bit of coffee snob). He's born and bred in Lurgan and you can tell. Ryan is happienst when walking around the park with coffee in hand.

Lauren Osborne

Lauren loves cafes, and is always looking for the next one to try. Most holidays and trips are based around coffee and food. If you see Lauren at the trailer it's very likely she'll be smiling or laughing.

Thinking about using us for an event?

Contact us with any inquire’s that you may have and we will do our best to help you.